A small Knowledge Exchange (KE) Grant was awarded recently by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute to the University of Strathclyde (Prof John J Reilly), University of Aberdeen (Prof Geraldine McNeill, Dr Smita Dick, contact  s.dick@abdn.ac.uk) and University of Ottawa/ Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (Prof Mark Tremblay).This grant has two main aims:

  1. To develop and launch the first ‘Active Healthy Kids Scotland Report Card’, on 22nd October 2013.
  2. To identify a small group of individuals and organisations to help sustain the production of future cards.

The Scottish card will be based on the successful Canadian KE  model, the ‘Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card’ http://www.activehealthykids.ca, an annual ‘state of the nation’ report

Online Feedback on Plans for the Scottish Card & Content of the Scottish Card; Project Timetable

We need your input because it is important that in developing the first Scottish card we:

We would therefore like your feedback in order to develop, launch, and sustain the card

You, or another individual from your organisation suggested by you, are invited to:

The card will include summary data from Scottish children and young people (birth-age 18 years) on 11 categories of health behaviours and statistics, including:

The feedback section below consists of 8 sections, and has an open section for any other comments at the end.

Please provide the following information (though you can remain anonymous if you prefer)